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Part Conveyor, On Press Part Conveyor, JSM Part Conveyor, Part Conveyors

Part Conveyor

High Quality Product for Coil-Feeding in Press-Room
Part Conveyor
Part Conveyor
JSM PC - 1
JSM PC - 1 On Press
Part Conveyor
Part Conveyor
JSM PC - 3
JSM Part Conveyor
Part Conveyor

JSM Part Conveyors are simple, compact, modular, accurate reliable pneumatic gadget to remove components, sligs, shaving, pinching scrap from the bottom of the Die.They are beltless conveyors and they transport the pieces with a shaking tray motion. A part customised tray fixed on the standard body with to & fro motion. The linear motion moves tray slowly forward and then quickly backwards. This motion pushes the components & scrap outside Die area into container.

Though it operates on compressed air, the consumption of air is very low and they cost very less compared to :-
(a) manual handling and
(b) motorised belt conveyors.

Defferent type of tray attachments  
Part Conveyor A.Compared to manual unloading it has following advantages
(1) Safe operations
(2) Die and operator safety
(3) Elimination of operator fatigue for removing parts.
(4) Systematic separational of parts and scraps
(5) Eliminated additional manpower
(7) Pay - back period is less then 1 year.

B. Compared to motorised conveyors, it has following advantages
Replacement cost of belts, conveyors, bearings, justifies this low cost part Conveyor on the conventional belts conveyors.

It separates each element scrap, part and in larger models two or more customised traya can be used to separate each element coming out from punching. This saves additional investment cost. Two/Three trays in parallel or one above another can separate the element for most cleaner operation.

When to use
There are four major areas where the JSM Part Conveyor will outperfrom a conveyor.
(1) If there is very little headroom in die
(2) When working with vwry thin material
(3) If the slugs are heavy or sharp
(4) When die lubricants attack conveyor belts.
Additional Application
Today Part Conveyor is replacing conventional belt conveyor in assembly type operations to move parts.

Load Capacity

Line Speed (MPM)

Air Consumption

Stroke Lenght

Weight Kg
Air Pressure Range
of Tray
JSM PC-1 3 7-10 0.5 20 1.5 50-75 8
JSM PC-2 10 7-10 0.7 20 3.0 50-75 8
JSM PC-3 20 7-10 1.4 25 10.0 50-75 8
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